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Covenant Renewal
2013 – 2014


It's spring, a time of renewal and rebirth. At Arlington Street Church (ASC), it's also a time of renewal—Covenant Renewal!
You, the members and friends of ASC are the heart and soul of this church. You provide the fuel that makes this church come alive. Without you, this building is beautiful, but empty. You bring the energy, spirit, and excitement that make Arlington Street pulse.

To maintain the necessary operational and program levels, we've set our goal for the coming fiscal year (which begins in July) at $258,000. It is important we reach this goal and hopefully exceed it in order to continue to support the efforts you've indicated are so critical to you and the community—the worship, music, adult religious education, and children's religious education (CRE) programs, as well as the maintenance of our historic and beautiful building. This coming year, we've also budgeted to pay our full dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association as requested by the congregation, we're adding a part-time Field Education Student to our growing CRE program, and we are meeting the UUA Fair Compensation Guidelines for the staff!

The church is trying to move toward a healthier balance, of less dependence on the long-term investments, collection plate, Indulge fund raiser, and rentals to balance the budget. This tall order depends on evryone's generous support!
This Covenant Renewal, please be as generous as possible with your resources, and make your financial contribution become a source of growth and joy.

If you have any questions about Covenant Renewal, please contact Phyllis Guiliano, Business Administrator at Pledge forms and brochures are available in the pews, or can be downloaded here [pdf].

Your generous financial support is the very lifeblood of this congregation — thank you all so much!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Covenant Renewal?
Covenant Renewal is Arlington Street Church's annual Springtime process in which all members and friends make our financial and volunteer-service pledges for the coming year (July – June). In pledging, Arlington Street Church members renew our membership annually.

I attend Arlington Street Church fairly often but I’m not a member. Does Covenant Renewal apply to me?
Yes! Non-member friends are one of Arlington Street Church's essential sources of support each year. All regular visitors and friends of Arlington Street are asked to take part in Covenant Renewal. Thank you!

I’m an Arlington Street Church member. Do I need to renew and pledge this Spring in order to maintain my membership?
Yes! Membership is based on annual renewal through Covenant pledges. We covenant with one another to care and provide for this congregation together.

My membership has lapsed; will pledging restore my membership?
Yes, by pledging, your membership reactivates unless you request otherwise.

I don’t know what to volunteer for; what should I do?
Check out the pledge and covenant brochure in the pews! Or the list below! All are welcome!

How much should I pledge?
Please consider donating 2.5% of your annual pre-tax income to Arlington Street Church for the coming church year, so we can be vibrant and financially solvent!


Volunteer Opportunities

At Arlington Street Church we hold volunteer service and financial support in equally high regard. Volunteer service is the very foundation of congregational life, connecting us to one another and engaging us to our mission.

Social Action / Justice Initiatives
There are many ways to actively seek social justice through the Arlington Street Church community. The Social Action Committee coordinates a Letter Writing Table at coffee hour, actively works on voter registration, and much more.

Friday Night Supper Program
Volunteer to help serve hot meals to the homeless and hungry in our community. A 45-minute orientation is required. Arlington Street Church has hosted Friday Night Supper for over 15 years!

Choir / Music@ASC Series
Everyone is welcome to participate in the Choir! There are no auditions. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. If you play an instrument or sing and would like to contribute your talents in any way, please check off “Choir/Music@ASC” on your Covenant sheet.

Here’s an easy and fun way to volunteer. Ushers and Greeters welcome us at the doorway of Arlington Street Church each Sunday morning, and help collect the offering.

Welcome Team
Members of the welcome team will be asked to sign up for a few Sundays a year to greet newcomers and help them feel comfortable. Training will be available for guidance on starting the conversation. New members and long-timers alike are encouraged to participate.

Welcome Table
The Welcome Table at Coffee Hour encourages visitors and friends to consider joining Arlington Street Church as members, and provides a friendly face to answer questions about getting oriented and involved at Arlington Street Church. If you would enjoy helping new members and friends in this way, please join our pool of Welcome Table volunteers!

Membership Classes
Membership classes are held several times a year and are co-led in teamwork by member volunteers and Arlington Street Church staff (Kim and others). Would you like to help as a guest visitor and share your story and experiences with potential new Arlington Street Church members?

Participate in Worship Services
As worship coordinators, volunteers help deliver a smooth and meaningful Worship experience on Sunday morning. The Coordinators speak from the pulpit during chalice lightings and readings, and facilitate Candles of Joy and Sorrow. Volunteers for this role meet with the Worship Committee monthly to help plan upcoming services.

Organize Worship Services
Worship volunteers who do not wish to help in the pulpit can enhance the Arlington Street worship experience in many other ways: congregation outreach, worship planning, and helping the minister, ministerial intern, and lay-preachers with any special needs for particular services. Volunteers for this role also meet with the Worship Committee monthly.

Staff the Arlington Street Sandwich Board
A rotating pool of Sandwich Board volunteers sets up the food table and sells sandwiches, drinks and chips for about 30 – 45 minutes after services every Sunday. Please join us!

Children’s Religious Education (CRE)
It takes lots of adults to make our Children’s Religious Education program happen year ’round. We seek teachers, assistant teachers, storytellers, craftspeople, musicians, snack-makers, and people who just enjoy hanging out with kids.

Plan and Lead ASCenter Courses
The ASCenter aims to offer programs that explore our diverse Unitarian Universalist heritage; resources and wisdom from the world’s religions; spiritual themes in literature, art, music and drama; vital social issues facing us today; and much more. If you might like to help lead something or help to plan next year’s program offerings, let us know!


For more information about volunteering at Arlington Street Church or about Covenant Renewal, please email or contact the Arlington Street Church Office. Thank you for your generous support!

Your generous financial support is the very lifeblood of this congregation — thank you all so much!


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