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Coming Up at the ASCenter

The Arlington Street Center for Liberal Religious Inquiry and Spritual Practice

Inquiry is an approach to religious commitment and education that is deeply rooted in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. Practice is equally important, as we seek to translate our ideals, values, and spiritual insights into action in our personal lives. With these principles in mind, the ASCenter offers programs that explore the principles, history and practice of the Unitarian Univeralist tradition; the Jewish and Christian roots and influences of liberal religion; resources and wisdom from world religions; study of Sacred Texts; appreciation of spiritual themes in literature, art, music and drama; and discussion of critical social issues facing our contemporary society.

Current Events

Arlington Street Circle of Caring

Sundays, February 19th, March 5th and 26th, and April 9th and 23rd ~ 12:30 pm Carol Smith Room

Are you battling illness, caring for someone who is ill, struggling with isolation or in the process of losing someone you love? Or have you already lost someone, and are you trying to cope with the heartbreak and anger that accompany loss and grief? If you are currently struggling, or have experienced this or any other type of life crisis and would like to share how you made it through, then please join the Caring Circle. Maureen Peterson is an ASC member who has lost her parents and her best friend to cancer and her brother and close friends to AIDS. Lisa Kirk, who officially joined the ASC Community last year has lead grief and small support groups for other congregations and has lots of experience and insight to share with the group.

Their vision of the Circle of Caring is to create a safe space in which to share our stories, discuss what might help, and just be together in support, in healing, in peace and always in love.

The Spiritual Passion of Godless UUs

Sunday, February 19th ~ 1:00 pm, Hunnewell Chapel

Come join this conversation on defining meaning, values, and impact in a non-theistic framework. This session is part of Arlington Street's winter Spiritual Passions series. All are welcome!

Refuge Recovery

Every Sunday ~ 6:00 pm, Hunnewell Chapel

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist path to recovering from addiction. All are welcome! For more information, please visit or email

Happiness Hour

Tuesday, February 21st ~ 6:30 pm, Hunnewell Chapel

This is Art of Living's internationally acclaimed seminar on innovative breathing techniques to reduce stress and heighten mental clarity. We will explore the mind-breath-body connection and how we can consciously use our breath to live in the present moment, break through barriers, manage emotions, realize our full potential, and live a happier life! The program includes techniques for relaxed breathing, guided meditation, and an introduction to the Art of Living Course and Sudarshan Kriya, the famous, powerful breathing technique. All are welcome!

Kundalini Yoga Class

Every Wednesday ~ 6:00 pm, Clarke Room
Experience fun exercises and poses, breathing techniques, chanting, meditation, and deep relaxation in this unique class. Moving energy through your body brings positive change and growth. There is a $10 charge that goes to the church. First class is free!

New Member Class

Wednesday, February 22nd, Spiritual Journey ~ 6:00 pm, Perkins Room

Sunday, February 26th, Meet ASC ~ 12:30 pm, Perkins Room

Sunday, March 5th, Breakfast/Joining ~ 9:30 am, Hunnewell Chapel

All interested newcomers are warmly invited to our next two-session new member class. Rev. Kim joins us for the first session, where we share stories about our spiritual journeys and ask our burning questions. This class is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship and knowledge of Arlington Street, and to discern whether you are ready to join. In our second session, we learn a little of Arlington Street's history, polity, and practices; and meet some of our illustrious leadership and staff. Please sign up at the Welcome Table in the parish hall after the service. All are welcome!

The Art of Sabbath

Saturdays, February 25th, March 4th, 11th, and 18th ~ 4:00 pm, Perkins Room

Join Rev. Joanna Lubkin for the winter session of The Art of Sabbath, a four-session course on cultivating rest, delight, and spiritual nourishment in our lives. Sessions will take place in the Perkins Room (downstairs at ASC, accessible via stairs or a lift) on Saturday afternoons, and will include a communal dinner. Sliding scale registration fee of $25-50 for the four weeks. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Register at

Pru in Review

Al Ingram and Rev. Kim are working with Covenant Renewal to offer a Spiritual Passion on planned giving on February 26th. Stay tuned for details!

The Pru went over some of its procedures and has decided to make an internal online calendar attached to Action Items to remind itself of periodic jobs during the new year such as officer nominations, insurance payments, etc.

Art Judge stood in for Treasurer Art Nava this month and reported that the Finance Team is moving forward on the many suggestions that the BU Student Management Team presented to us last month. The finances in general are very in-line with what we expect at this time of year.

The accessibility ramp work continues with Jennifer Pink and Company overseeing the process, including applying for additional permits.

Finally, the Pru worked on plans for a Congregation Retreat/Workshop to take place in early March. More details to follow!

Tiffany Window Guided Tours

Now that we have successfully restored our unique Tiffany stained glass windows, we have opened our doors to the public. Over the past six weeks, visitors from all over the world learned of our heritage and were enthralled by our landmark building and windows. We have now suspended our tours for the winter, but will return in the spring and look forward to expanding our programs for our congregation and the public.

The Campaign to Restore the Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

Read all about it and find out how you can participate!

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Arlington Street Zen Center

Leader: Rev. Kim K. Crawford Harvie, Senior Minister
September - May: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month
Time: 7:00–8:00 pm
Location: Hunnewell Chapel
An evening of meditation practice. Sessions include seated & walking meditation, Dharma talk, and conversation. This practice is open to all, both beginning and experienced practitioners.

Arlington Street Zen Center always follows the Buddha’s Belly Reading Group.


Buddha’s Belly Reading Group

Leader: Rev. Kim K. Crawford Harvie, Senior Minister
September - May: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month
Time: 6:00 pm–7:00 pm
Location: Hunnewell Chapel
Buddha’s Belly Reading Group meets twice monthly to discuss issues of spiritual practice from a Buddhist perspective. Members come from many different faith traditions and religious practices. The group has discussed works by Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Pema Chodron, Sylvia Boorstein, Shunryu Suzuki and others.


Kundalini Yoga

Leader: Jean Ko Stewart
Dates: Wednesdays
Time: 6:00 pm–7:00 pm
Location: Hunnewell Chapel
Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, consists of simple yogic techniques that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter his or her age or physical ability. It is a complete system of yoga that includes breath (pranayam), yoga postures (asanas), sound, chanting (mantra) and meditation. It is designed to provide you with the experience of your highest consciousness through the raising of your Kundalini.

Note: Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably made of cotton or other natural, breathable fiber. Avoid eating immediately before class. Also, there is a $10 fee for this course. First class is free!


Transformation Team for Racial Justice

September - May: 3rd Tuesdays of each month
Time: 7:00 pm–8:30 pm
The Transformation Team for Racial Justice is an ongoing task force of Arlington Street Church that seeks to identify and eliminate interpersonal and institutional barriers of racism and oppression, and build a justice-seeking, multiracial, multicultural community. If you have suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns for The Team, please email, attend our open meetings on the third Tuesday of every month from 7 - 8:30 p.m. or speak with a team member (Sarah Cooleybeck, Margy Herley, Peter Lowber, Laura Pattison, Nancy Perna, Steve Marable, and Barbara Seidl). Membership on the Team requires a one year commitment and anti-racism/anti oppression/multicultural training.


The Wednesdays Literary Salon

Leader: Professor Alan Helms and Rev. Kim K. Crawford Harvie
Dates: Wednesdays
Time: 6:00 pm–8:00 pm
Location: Frothingham Library
Join Professor Alan Helms and Rev. Kim, Arlington Street Church members and the general public in a book group. The leaders guide discussions of specific works of drama, literature, and poetry.