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Arlington Street is currently seeking an Accompanist/Organist

The Arlington Street Church Accompanist/Organist is expected to provide solo and service music for Sunday worship services and special services. The organist also accompanies the choir and soloists for Thursday evenings rehearsals, Sunday worship services, and special services. See attached detailed job description.

Note: Depending upon qualifications, this position may also include assistant directing responsibilities with the choir.

The organist serves as an employee under the supervision of the Director of Music.

Skills and Qualifications—Required

1. Excellent sight-reading skills.
2. Four-year college or university degree in music (organ or piano performance), or equivalent professional training and experience.
3. Experience as an accompanist, including ability to read open choral score.
4. Experience as a professional solo organist/pianist, especially in the field of church music.
5. Broad knowledge of standard organ and piano repertoire.
6. Ability to work with amateur musicians in a supportive environment.
7. Strong interpersonal skills.

Skills and Qualifications—Recommended, but not required

1. Graduate degree in Collaborative Piano, Piano Performance or Organ Performance.
2. Experience conducting and/or leading rehearsals from the keyboard.
3. Skill and experience playing and improvising from chord symbols.
4. Experience playing in popular, folk, jazz, and/or gospel genres in addition to classical.
5. Knowledge of standard vocal and choral repertoire.
6. Vocal training and/or music education training.


1. Remuneration is on a per service basis, paid monthly as detailed in the contractual agreement between the Accompanist/Organist and Arlington Street Church. Typically, the Accompanist/Organist receives $250/week during the liturgical year (September through mid-June) and $150/week during the summer.

2. Use of organ and pianos of the church for rehearsal on a regular basis

3. Use of organ and pianos for private teaching

4. First option to perform at weddings, memorials, and rites of passage requiring piano or organ music held in the church building


1. Provide organ and/or piano music for Sunday services. Provide organ and/or piano music at special services such as Christmas Eve.

2. Select appropriate organ and/or piano music for each service, in coordination with the director of music.

3. Accompany the choir at Thursday evening and Sunday morning rehearsals from September through mid-June. Accompany the choir at all Sunday services and special services as noted above. Rehearse with and accompany soloists at Sunday services and special services as noted above. Accompany extra rehearsals of the choir and soloists as needed.

4. Work closely with the Director of Music to provide well-coordinated worship services.

5. Oversee the tuning and maintenance of Arlington Street Church's Aeolian-Skinner organ and obtain necessary service, tuning, and repairs. Funds shall be budgeted by the church to provide for proper care of the instrument. Provide reports specifying maintenance needs to the director of music.

6. Provide a qualified substitute for any Sunday services, special services, or rehearsals for which the organist is unavailable. It will be the responsibility of the organist to provide payment to such substitutes at rates established by the church in accordance with Boston chapter AGO recommendations.

7. Submit titles and composers for preludes, postludes, and other organ or piano solo music to the church office and director of music for inclusion in the Order of Service.

8. Be available and have first option to provide organ and/or piano music for all weddings, memorials, and rites of passage in the sanctuary for which such music is requested. Coordinate the music for these services with the minister officiating. Outside organists may be used only with the permission of the organist. Fees for these services may be set by the organist in relation to AGO guidelines.

9. Follow codes of ethics as specified by the American Guild of Organists.

Working Conditions

1. The organist shall rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music at the organ and piano.

2. There will be an initial review after 90 days. Thereafter, an annual performance review will be done with the director of music.

3. The organist is expected to cooperate with all staff and musicians of the congregation so that musical life is enhanced within the life of the church.

4. The organist is not expected to attend weekly staff meetings.

5. The organist shall seek professional relationships with other church musicians and keep abreast of developments in worship and liturgy through associations, continuing education, and professional church publications.

6. The organist shall have permission to conduct private organ or piano lessons and make the organ available to qualified students.

About the Instruments

For detailed information about Arlington Street Church's four grand pianos and Aeolian Skinner organ, please visit our website:

To Apply:

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